“We really can’t find the words to express how thankful we are to you both for everything you have done to get us to the end of this part of our journey. Your advice, guidance, commitment and perseverance have been invaluable, and knowing that you were always on top of every part of this transaction has been immensely reassuring. We so appreciate the time spent arranging showings, staying on top of all the paperwork, and keeping everything on track. We could not have had more qualified or committed agents assisting us, and we feel very fortunate in this.

“Thank you too, for your very kind words and generous gift. We have just read the card together as a family, and we are so grateful. We are looking forward to visiting such an incredible museum, and I know that we’ll use the membership a great deal.

“We trust that you will both be able to take a short break and put your feet up, for a time, over the course of this coming weekend, and we send you our deepest thanks again for everything.  We wish you both continued success.”

-- Lucille, Neil and Will R., October 2016

“I am writing this letter in appreciation of the help that Gilda Lutz offered me in purchasing a new home.  Gilda is really an exceptional agent.  She is thorough, knowledgeable, honest, and extremely focused on her customer needs.   I have purchased real estate in the past and worked with several agents.  What really sets Gilda apart is that she is very smart and thoughtful.  I didn’t need to explain many times or try to find the right way to convey what I wanted.  Gilda was actively thinking about my situation, expectations and needs, and she had the ability, intellect and decisiveness to understand what needed to be done and how to achieve my goals.   

“Buying a new house is a long process with many steps, deadlines, paperwork, etc.   Gilda gave me the peace of mind that everything was going to be taken care of, and I am very happy with the result and every step along the way.   From negotiating a fair price, to ensuring that inspection was done right and any outstanding items were addressed properly, advising me on financial and legal aspects, being my best advocate and always available and responsive to clear questions and concerns, Gilda offered me everything that I could possibly wish from an agent.    

“I am most appreciative of Gilda’s professional services as my agent and strongly recommend her without reservations.”

-- Gabriel, May 2016

"We are so pleased to offer our strongest endorsement for the hard work, guidance and energy Gilda Lutz provided to us in purchasing a condominium in Arlington.  During our recent downsizing, Gilda helped us understand the highly competitive market and how to best navigate our home purchase process.  

“Gilda patiently observed our reactions as we attended open houses, pointed out strengths and challenges with the space, and listened intently to our feedback.  As we identified properties we were seriously considering, Gilda helped push forward, or listened closely to us as we decided to slow down.  Ultimately, this served us well since we found the place that ‘had it all.’

“When we decided to move forward, Gilda adeptly navigated all parties involved and we always felt that she had our best interest on the forefront of negotiations.  Her ‘eagle eye’ picked up on punch list items and her follow through on issues was outstanding.

“We are so thrilled with our new home and genuinely appreciate all that Gilda contributed to making sure everything went smoothly.”

-- Jeanette and Dan K., March 2016

“Gilda recently represented us during the purchase of a newly-constructed single-family home in Arlington. When we started the search process, we explained to Gilda exactly what we wanted relating to home features, location, and neighborhood characteristics, and she worked hard to make sure we were aware of all available options as soon as they came on the market. Once we identified a target, she did extensive research to help us determine the right price to offer for a home under construction. We were first-time purchasers of this type of property, and Gilda went beyond the call of duty. The developer had never run a custom home-building project, and Gilda's experience was vital during every step of the process.  She spent a substantial amount of time drafting from scratch specifications for the builder and helping us finalize the very detailed purchase and sale agreement. As with most new construction, we had many ups and downs. We were so thankful that Gilda had a great deal of experience with these sorts of projects. She advised us and advocated for us through every twist and turn and kept us all focused to meet deadlines. She brought to our attention important details that we had not noticed. We are thrilled with our home. It is exactly what we had in mind when we envisioned our dream home.

“She also represented us in the sale of a condominium in East Arlington. Again, she conducted detailed market research and helped us determine the right list price. She pulled out all the stops to expertly stage the property to make it shine during the one weekend it spent on the market. She helped us sort through multiple offers, identifying the pros and cons of each. She was able to secure a sales price that we were sure was out of reach. Her guidance and expert counsel made the process completely stress-free for us.

“We cannot recommend Gilda highly enough. She is exceptionally professional, dedicated, diligent, honest and solely focused on providing the best representation possible for her clients. We feel fortunate to have had her on our side.”

-- Kat Z. and Mark B., April 2016

“Thank you for getting us our price and a bringing a deal to the table within four days. Following your recommendations made our sale process successful beyond expectation. I say this based on personal experience of 30 years in the commercial property management sector. Your approach is extremely professional and results oriented.

“Your tactical approach is a real winner:

• The Market analysis - Helped us understand and set a realistic price range for today’s market
• The Property Tour - The several hours you spent with us helped define issues for correction prior to the open house. This put the house in optimum condition for sale.
• The Staging of the house – You should consider a change in career. The value of staging prior to sale so people can see themselves in the home can’t be underestimated. It looked so good that we didn’t want to leave. More than 98 people toured the house.
• Open house – There is more to making a sale than greeting people at the door. The details from providing accurate floor plans, to color brochures with every detail, including a web page for video tours were extremely well- organized and helped lock in buyers.
• Closing the Deal – support though the negotiation process, inspection through the close was executed at the highest standard.”

-- Bob and Judy B. March 2012

“We wanted to tell you about the exemplary work of one of your employees, Gilda Lutz, as she recently helped us find and purchase our new home in Lexington.

“Gilda was referred to us initially only to help with the negotiations of a house we were considering purchasing in Lexington. Since we had only seen the property at open houses, unaccompanied by a buyer's agent, she met with us to inspect the property. Thanks in part to Gilda, it soon became clear the house was not what we really wanted and it needed a lot of work. From that point on Gilda worked with us to find a new home that would better fit our needs.

“She was always accommodating as we struggled to focus on towns, showing us properties everywhere from Winchester and Belmont to Lexington and Newton. After setting us up with a builder in Lexington, Gilda continued to be involved with us and the property, offering improvements to the plans and critiquing the builders work.

“She has not only been a great buyer's agent, but also a kind and generous friend to us. In the last several years, we have worked with two other real estate agents. While the brokers in both of those transactions were very professional, neither was as attentive or as helpful as Gilda. We wanted you to know that she went above and beyond in helping us purchase our home.”

-- Mark and Maral C.

“This letter of commendation about Gilda Lutz is genuine testimony, and totally unsolicited, about her professional and personal attributes.

“Gilda has provided to me and my family not only professional help and guidance but a compassionate and caring attitude unlike many of the Realtors I have worked with over the many years of real estate transactions. I feel her business behavior and genuine warmth are unrivaled in your industry.

"As Vice President of Marketing and Industry Relations for a major healthcare publishing company in the pharmaceutical industry, I have recruited, hired, and trained many marketing and salespeople, so that I know well the attributes that set the best apart from the rest.

“I count myself and my family very fortunate to have met and worked with Gilda, and wish each of you a long and rewarding business relationship.”

-- Phyllis H.

“Please accept our much belated thanks for all your time and effort in helping us find our new home! We very much appreciate your patience as we figured out what we really wanted and your ability to really listen - you were absolutely right that we'd love Lincoln. We already feel at home swimming in Walden Pond and exploring the sculpture park and visiting the farms. Many thanks for the kindness you've shown all of us!”

-- Melissa, Robert, Olwer and Ainsleigh

“I am writing this letter to express my appreciation of your work in selling our house at Ingleside Road. During our interview of different agents and agencies, your professional attitude was clear and it was the decisive factor us. Your professionalism and significant expertise in the business served us well as we were away during the summer visiting Turkey and you have directed the contractors on your own from the selection of paint colors to the selection of light fixtures and doors. I believe your tasteful selections to prepare the house for viewing combined with the right pricing was instrumental for the sale of our house to the first buyer that visited. This was really remarkable in this difficult housing market. Thank you for making this process so painless for us. Please feel free to use us as a reference in your business."

-- Dr. Yalcin A.

"I met Gilda almost five years ago through my connection to Novartis, and was extremely pleased with the knowledge, diligence, and style with which she assisted me during my house-hunting efforts in the Boston area. After adjusting to the market (a shock to my system, coming from Utah), we purchased a house through her in the Lexington area which we enjoyed tremendously before moving to the West Coast. There were a couple of ‘bugs’ in the home systems that required resolution through this builder. Gilda was immensely helpful in reaching a satisfactory conclusion with the builder.

“My wife and I were so happy with Gilda that we invited her to act as our seller's agent when we prepared to move to California. During this period, she assisted us in ways that I must describe as above and beyond the call of duty, including watching our house when we were away and dealing with more than one emergency that arose.

“I would place Gilda in the top tier of all people I have dealt with in my life in terms of ethics, professionalism and responsibility.”

-- Alexander K.

“We recently relocated from Connecticut to the Boston area and had the pleasure of working with Gilda Lutz in your Lexington office. Being new to the area, we relied on her excellent knowledge of the local market and the different neighborhoods in Lexington. Eventually, when it was time to close on the new property, Gilda was invaluable in negotiating with the builder and was a tremendous help in advocating for our needs. Although she had some very definite opinions about things, she was extremely good about letting us make our own decisions and was always non-judgmental about the choices we had made. Finally, throughout the entire process, Gilda was very conscientious and hard working and always made herself available for us. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed working with Gilda and would happily recommend her to others without any hesitation.”

-- Ashwin and Sunita G.

“Over the past 2 years we have conducted three real estate transactions and Gilda Lutz as our broker has done an outstanding job of helping us with each of them. Gilda makes absolutely sure she knows our objectives, our constraints and our time frames and works diligently to meet our needs. We are impressed with her thoroughness and high standard of professionalism. When we needed to move quickly, as was in the case with our first purchase, we found Gilda to be very responsive and efficient. Thanks to her painstaking attention to detail, her excellent contacts in Lexington, and her familiarity with utilities, public services, etc., we experienced a smooth transition from NY. Our next purchase represented very different criteria but Gilda took the time to understand our changing requirements and worked patiently with us to find an appropriate property. This was a newly built home and Gilda took a personal interest in ensuring that it was completed to the specified standards, often shopping for fixtures herself and taking great care to select appropriate designs. Most importantly, since we were not in town during either of these transactions, we needed to feel reassured that Gilda was ‘in our corner.’ Gilda exceeded our expectations.

“As we changed homes we retained Gilda as our selling broker as well. Gilda was thorough in researching the market to establish price, listing details, etc. Gilda was deft at quickly evaluating different offers and at working out ambiguities within offers so we could spot the best deal and respond appropriately. We strongly feel it was largely due to Gilda's sense of timing that we sold our property quickly. We would certainly recommend Gilda to our friends as an excellent broker to work with, whether buying or selling a property.”

-- Bala and Kiran C.

“Thank you so much for the gift certificate for a Bachrach Studio sitting. What a fabulous gift and wonderful surprise.

“Thank you also for all Hammond Residential did to sell my home in Littleton and get me situated here in Lexington. Gilda and Suzie were great to work with on the Littleton property -- we had total confidence in their professionalism and ability to get us the best deal possible.

“As far as finding a new home, Gilda worked 24/7 to help me find just the right place. Although I'm sure she was working with many other clients at the same time, she always made me feel like getting me situated was the most important work she was doing.

“Working with the pros at Hammond Residential was a wonderful experience. I will certainly recommend Hammond and should the need arise for another move for me down the road, Hammond Residential will be my first call.”

-- Carol H.